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    which gives a great reflection effect.Each keycap

    Thiếu dấu cách sau dấu chấm
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    Nhiều chữ quá nhờ. Đôi khi có thể cải tiến. Ví dụ:
    The miracle thing is, in the next morning, other castles will be established again. With many years’ experience in audio industry, our team realize that we can do much more than we assume if not being afraid of failure.

    Hai câu này đọc thiếu cái gì đó kết nối lại.
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    Có làm keycap cho topre không hay toàn key cherry hả bác. Em đang có con realforce
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    Có nhu cầu mở store ở châu Âu thì liên hệ em nhá
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    Bu bám làm sao để hốt hết đây :'(.
    Mà sao bác lại đi thuốc ở Linkhay nữa :'(
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    có nhiều hand và brain quá nhỉ :v
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    Cái ni là cái chi ri thím? Phím chế cho bàn phím cao cấp à?
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    Bác sửa cái lổn nhổn Anh Việt trong đoạn này nữa:
    Jelly Key


    Draft-vietnam.jpg Handcraft-Keycap-US---11.jpg
    from concept to making
    Get inspired from surroundingBrainstorm the concept Concept - sketchingMake demo keycapGet peer reviewImprove the keycapMake the final keycapBe available for you!
    1. Get inspired from surrounding

    The ideas seem to be everywhere.
    And in a natural way, they do inspire us.
    2. Brainstorm the concept

    Later, it’s our duty to perfect the ideas.
    We try to find the intriguing concepts to match them.
    3. Concept - sketching

    Surely do we have to visualize what we have thought and imagined.
    Also, analyse the capability of producing.
    4. Make demo keycap

    Then, it’s time to make them become real.
    Production step.
    5. Get peer review

    Samples are on board to get feedback.
    Products are rare to please us at the first time we do.
    6. Improve the keycap

    Feedback collected.
    The most appropriate responses will be certainly applied to develop the keycap’s form.
    7. Make the final keycap

    After all, producing the final version of keycap ends.
    And the keycap get ready for being launched.
    8. Be available for you!

    Now, the keycap is on the way to you. Are you ready?
    how long does it take to complete a masterpiece we call “Jelly Key artisan keycap”?

    ~9 hours for a simple piece but ~24 hours for a signature keycap.
    Yes. The artisan has to be patient enough to wait each layer dry for the next layer to be put on.
    Every item is carefully set up.
    Error can happen any single moment & we have to throw it away.
    Idea itself is amazing. Production ought to make it more.
    strict quality assurance processes

    Every single Jelly Key to go through a keycap has strict quality assurance processes. Then, meets the standard keycap ll be carefully put Into Jelly Wooden Box. We Ensure the quality of the product by paying attention to detail at each step of production.

    From top to bottom, the keycaps are smooth to the touch and feature soft edges. That's vì each six phases of Jelly Key requires hand-processing complex to complete nó simplistic design. Careful craftwork of the double-layer finish tạo the deep, rich, and ultimately galactic theme. The keys are precisely abraded over vài hours, requiring absolute concentration, to Achieve the smooth body. This is truly a unique, handmade piece có no product can rival mass-Produced.
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