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Batman & Superman are gay

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Mình paste lại một đoạn viết tặng trai ở Mỹ lâu lâu rồi

Batman IS gay
  • He adopts Robin as a boy toy
  • His mansion is packed with toys
  • Skin-to-skin wrestling with villains is his favorite sport
  • He frequently develops romantic and sensual rivalry with the villains
  • In Batman Begins 2005, he kills Ra's al Ghul to win Henri for himself
  • Most of the time when Batman spares the life of a male villain, the later ends up being killed. This happens not because of guilt of crime, but because of shame resulting from a sadistic molest by Batman
  • The relationship with Rachel is only a mask of his homosexuality
  • In the Dark Knight 2008, when being forced to choose between Harvey Dent and Rachel, he saved the white phallus
  • He has a fetish for bats and latex

Superman is also gay
  • He is the only man who wears lingerie outside his pajamas to win attraction
  • He is always neatly trimmed - typical twink style. When he is unconscious in Superman Returns, he is revealed to wax his chest hair; perfect self-caretaking.
  • In somewhere between Superman and Superman Returns 2006, he hooks up with Lois only to leave an heir. He then arranges for a family for Lois to be free to pursue his sexual interest
  • Unlike the sadistic Batman, Superman is masochistic. He always chooses to go about things the painful way

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