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Intelligence & Clearness. More Pleasure, more ignorance

Chịu không biết tiếng Việt nên dịch là gì nên cứ tiếng Anh mà phang, cho dễ hiểu.

Why does one need to be an intelligent person to engage in this practice? Intelligence differs from cleverness. Someone who is clever may succeed in doing things in this way or that, using sneaky tricks, but that person is not necessarily intelligent. Intelligence means, “touching the natural state of reality.” 

When we ordinary people experience some pleasure, we tend to become dull and ignorant. The more pleasure we experience, the more ignorant we become. More pleasure, still more ignorance. While you were in school and under your parents’ care, they probably restricted the choices you could make. Later, when you left your parents and went out on your own, you probably went to work and as a result had more opportunities for pleasure, which in turn resulted in greater insensibility, dullness. You achieved a middle-class lifestyle yet you became even more ignorant and dull. Then you went into business and became richer, so you could go here and there, able to buy this or that, and you became still more confused, more ignorant. As time went on, in your life there was more grasping, more pleasure, more squeezing, more confusion, more pleasure, more attachment, more pleasure… more disaster!

Every day, from morning until evening, our moods constantly swing up and down. But when we consider the examples of Milarepa and St. Francis, neither of them experienced ups and downs the way we do. Both Milarepa and St. Francis lived in caves — Milarepa lived in a cave in Tibet and St. Francis in a cave in Italy — and both experienced continuous great bliss. If Milarepa — or St. Francis— were living in a cave nearby, and I said to you, “He is happier than we are,” you would most likely reply, “How can he be happy? I cannot believe that he is a happy man.” That is because you have preconceptions. You think that without eating mozzarella cheese and chocolate, it is not possible to have pleasure. That is what you believe.

How can we avoid becoming more ignorant when we experience more and more pleasure? According to the highest yoga tantra point of view, the only way to avoid this is for us to transform blissful pleasure into nonduality wisdom energy. Right now, when we feel pleasure, we don’t understand its reality. Instead, we bury its reality under the many concrete illusory projections that we fabricate. The more pleasure we experience, the stronger become our illusory projections.


More pleasure, more ignorance 

by Lama Thubten Yeshe

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